ISO 17100認証取得

わたしたちは2019年5月7日、ISO 17100が規程する翻訳サービス提供者 (Translation Service Provider) の認証・登録を得ました。
ISO 17100とは翻訳サービスに関する国際規格で、品質の高い翻訳サービスのための、翻訳者などの力量、翻訳のプロセス、情報管理などについて、要求事項を定めています。


適用規格: ISO 17100
(1) 金融・経済・法務(日英、英日)
(2) その他(教育・観光・芸術関連など)(日英)
JSA翻訳区分:A, E

対象分野のすべてのサービスがISO 17100に準拠しているわけではありません。
ISO 17100 認証を適用したサービスをご希望の場合は、当社担当者までご相談ください。

Acquisition of ISO 17100 Certification

On May 7, 2019, we were certified and registered as a Translation Service Provider under ISO 17100, which is an international standard for translation that specifies requirements such as translator ability, the translation process, and information management, for high quality translations. We see this as an affirmation of the steady steps we have taken to improve the quality of our translations, and will work even harder to improve the quality of our translations and respond to the needs of our customers.

Summary of our certification

Standard: ISO 17100
Coverage of registration:
(1) Finance, Economy, and Legal from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese
(2) Others such as Education, Tourism, and the Arts from Japanese to English
JSA translation sector: A, E

Not all services of applicable areas conform to ISO 17100.
If you desire services compliant with ISO 17100, please consult with our staff.

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