Message from the President

Akemi Ohori, CEO

In 2020, the world received a large blow and was greatly affected by the spread of COVID-19. With the new concept of social distancing, the act of directly meeting and talking was restricted, and business was forced to move online.

Along with this, a new form of working, teleworking, came into being.

We experienced a declaration of emergency for the first time in our lives and, because of this, were asked to refrain from going outside and travelling was restricted. However, communication evolved by going online.

Keeping up with the rapid flow of the times, we want to flexibly use the new forms of communication that have evolved, and have proactively adopted the use of online meetings.

Also, because we always want to work in partnership with clients, we assign a project manager to each translation project, who provides detailed service.

When doing business internationally, it is not uncommon for words, culture, and business practices to become impediments. Simply replacing words will not provide a translation that communicates. Translation is communication. To truly write a translation that communicates, it is necessary to thoroughly understand that country’s words, culture, and business practices.

Our translators, checkers, and editors are not just bilingual. They are professionals knowledgeable in the target country’s words, culture and customs, and business manners.

We will continue to provide true communication to our clients, communication that overcomes the wall of words.

Company Profile

Company Name In Partnership Co., Ltd.
Address 1-10-8-6F Kami-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan 〒170-0012
Representative Director Akemi Ohori
Founded July 7, 2009
Paid-in Capital 32,000,000 yen